Health and Safety Specialist


Supervising all work related to health and safety, follow-up injuries and illness cases, and periodical medical examinations and its statistical records.

Job requirements:

·         - Keeps up to date with relevant changes in OHS legislation and initiatives.

·         - Inspects all units of PHARCO pharmaceutical to follow up the work of technicians with regard to any observations according to the safety and health of workers and the development of control solutions.

·         - Investigates accidents and work injuries as well as the semi-annual statistics of injuries, occupational diseases, chronic diseases and the rate of severity, frequency and causes to reach the root causes that led to their occurrence and develop control solutions to prevent recurrence again.

·         - Regulates tasks for health and safety technicians and supervises their work.

·         - Participates in the preparation of annual and semi-annual plans for regular and preventive maintenance of fire extinguishing equipment and PPE.

·         - Participates with HSE risk management team to make sure the required control measures are adequate to reduce/eliminate associated risk

 - Follows & Applies quality, environment and occupational health and safety systems to fulfill legal requirements and other requirements of the good manufacturing regulations of WHO guidelines and international standards.


- Bachelor of science Chemistry

- Occupational Health & Safety Principles 

Years of Experience: 1

Posting Date: 20 November 2022

Application End Date: 20 December 2022

Available Vacancies: 5

Job Level: Specialist

Function: HSE